Hear me roar

So I meant to write this a little earlier than I did.  As it turns out, my one ladies event has turned into two. The first:

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Someone from work offered me their entry with about 3 weeks to train and no running to speak of. You get a Tiffany necklace handed to you by a fireman in a tux, sure, why not.  Sounds sexy and sexist. Instantly I injure myself, yada yada yada, tendinitis, yada yada yada ramp to 10 miles in two weeks, what are you thinking?  The real story is the actual event.  Now this is my first real ladies event and I’ve been racing bikes for about 12 years (I know, I should be faster) so my style race event is quite different to say the least.

Size matters

Nike: 25,000 peeps, mostly ladies (not actually a requirement)

Racing bikes: Large women’s field of 30 OR one of up to three in the SS open category


The start

Nike: Free coffee, loud hilarious music including Turn Down for What, laser light show all starting at 6:30 am.

Racing bikes: No seizure worthy activity unless you count the repetition of some guy saying “winner winner chicken dinner” over and over and over (am I right Sierra Point?).



Nike: Portapoties, endless portapoties filled with toilet paper

Racing bikes: JW enterprises with no toilet paper, likely an overflowing tank



Nike: I heard talk of diaphragms and placenta – unexpected but I guess not out of place

Racing bikes: Lots of talk of how we haven’t been riding, we’re out of shape, where beer is after the race or how a beer hand up was taken during the race


Public appearance

Nike: Like we’re going on a date – make up, check – hair, something intricate – perfume, you betchya

Racing bikes: See hair styles of cross, but srsly, usually just roll out of bed and hope I don’t have sheet face


This is happening, like right now.

Nike: Instagram all day err day – it doesn’t matter that there is a race going on, this sign says NIKE and I need proof that I’m running RIGHT NOW

Racing bikes: Epic crash, dollar hand up, general shenanigans – Usually done before or after racing though…


Sideline cheers

Nike: Sign reads –I don’t know you but you inspire me – And this person got a hug while I was going by from a random runner; lots of encouragement, high kumbayah energy

Racing bikes: Sign reads – Turn down the suck – Also, last race I was also told that my pizza sucks during the second to last lap


The finish

Nike: Mile 12.5 “Should we start running now or should we wait until we see 13 miles” – our friends at the finish line should think we ran the whole thing

Racing bikes: I hope I get lapped so I can do one less lap…but I’m still going to try as hard as possible not to get lapped


In the end, I’d do it again.  I missed the fireman, the most important part. There were lots more hilarious events that happened, but I don’t want to think of this in a negative way.  I think I forget that 13.1 miles is an epic task for some people and an event like this is the reason they start running and a yearlong goal. GoOoOoOo ladies!


24 hours of Halloween

I think it was about six years ago when I last said “I’ll never do another 24 hour race”…which was the second time I said this.  I drove to SLO accompanying a one A. Donahuge to HIS 24 hour race when his friends stated that one of the ladies on the five lady team dropped out and they need another femmebot.  I was already planning on enjoying a six hour race so I’m at least somewhat prepared in terms of kits, but that’s about it.  Sure, why not.  The course was pretty fun, steep in some parts for the singlespeed but flowy the rest of the way. This made it pretty tolerable for the 3:00 and 4:00 AM laps THEY STUCK ME WITH. At least I got a few in before complete darkness and I also scored the final lap, with not much time to mess around.  This made the race though.  I was the last one on the course and they got the entire crowd to cheer/heckle me as I came in.  In the end, I’d do it again and we won.  One of one.





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