In like a Lion, Out like a Lion.

Sometimes, about this time of the season, the races start to blend in one into another and I wonder, where oh where did all of my Sundays and Saturdays go. It’s about this time that I usually start skipping races in an effort to regain my sense of sanity and hold of control upon my life. Even though, there is, infact, no controlling a life, as it goes the direction you point it until you try and point it in another direction and then sometimes it just decides a direction all on it’s own when you weren’t paying attention. Yeah, life. What a gal.

My life was going pretty well until I was unceremoniously “taken off the schedule” of my 10-hour per week, “just helping out” job for having other commitments and not being able to be flexible with aaaaaaaaall my weekend hours.


I’ll tell you what paying adults $10 an hour gets you: 1.) not stealing from the register and 2.) maaaaybe not getting fed up with the obnoxious micromanagement and walking out mid-shift. But it definitely does not get you access to someone’s entire schedule. Yet the particulars of California’s At-Will-Employment still stand and here you can get fired for being ugly or not wearing pink on Wednesdays.

But oh, catch-22 disguised as blessings! My Fridays and Saturdays have freed up like you wouldn’t believe yet the extra hundred bucks per week is now gone. And racing still costs $40 for 33 minutes….? Ummm… wut?

Karen Brems is a 3-time World Champion.

It’s cool. Karen Brems is a 3-time World Champion. I’m sure she doesn’t care that she could have easily gotten another lap in and still finished well under 45 minutes.

When I think about all the racing I won’t be able to do because paying my rent is more important, I kind of feel like Nikki Harris taking second place to Sanne Cant**** at this year’s European Championships (gutted, I believe is the term) while my GB teammate, Helen Wyman ecstatically tells me to cheer up because I’m brilliant! Oh, Helen!!!!

I’m making this picture my forever background.

That smile could chase even the grayest skies away! This brings me to the importance of, and the amazing reality that, having awesome teammates is fucking great. Having teammates in cyclocross as an amateur racer is not necessary for winning. If you’re going to win, no one’s gonna be able to help you do that more, likely because we don’t give a shit about the finer points of team tactics while we’re horse breathing our way around a course and starting to see double. But teammates really matter when you’re a double visioned horse breather on course and you come around that hard turn where you’ve fucked up every last go’round and there they are cheering you on. So you keep going.

Or you finish your race, gasping for air (because horse breathing doesn’t work so well) and there they are, your glorious teammates, with water, high fives and smiles. Glorious, glorious smiles.

I’m pretty sure I’ve told a handful of people this by now but it bears repeating. If it weren’t for Team Jortz, I probably would have stopped racing bikes a few years back when I left my road bike team of three years, ne’er to pin on a number again. So emotionally exhausted that I was just over it. But this classy ass, group of sailor-mouthed ladies kept me in the game. I have them to thank for it.

So if you race sans team, lone wolf style, I salute you. That’s awesome. But if you ever wonder if having teammates is worth it, I say yes, a thousand times YES. Teammates rule. And while my season may be officially over, I’ve indeed gone out like a lion and will return next season in the same fashion.

It's basically meaningless until I get super serious style winning and get that cheddar to go to the big kid races. One day!

It’s basically meaningless until I get super serious style winning and get that cheddar to go to the big kid races. One day!

*Mic drop* I’m OUT.



-Sometimes A Klassy Broad, Sometimes Not


****So it seems like losing to Sanne Cant this season is kind of like losing to Katie Compton every season. It’s gonna happen so just keep trying, do your best and make the best of what you do.



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