Help Caro get to the 2015 CX World Champs race in Tabor!

Here at Jortz Nation, we love a good underdog. We love a good badass too. In fact, we love all the women who race cyclocross. And right now, we love Carolina Gomez-Villafane. She started racing bikes in NorCal, so of course she’s fast as hell. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason our region produces a ridiculous amount of pro caliber bike racers. Oh right, we’ve got that whole eternal spring, no seasons deal. There’s a reason I haven’t left Bay Area after moving here in 2003, because I hate anywhere that isn’t 50 to 70 degrees ALL YEAR LONG.

Caro, if we can go ahead and call her that, started racing CX in 2012, the same year Team JOrtz took off and went big time. Caro fucking crushed. And now, since she’s an Argentine and not a ‘Murican, she actually gets to go to Worlds in Tabor because I’m sure Argentina has 1 allowable spot for worlds and no racers in contention but her.

She’s fundraising right now to help offset her race and travel expenses because her trade team, Vanderkitten, (who has since cancelled their road program, *sadface*) has limited resources to help fund the trip. Check out her GoFundMe, fundraising webpage and consider donating some money to help this girl reach her dreams. If nothing else, to see the cool kit that she’ll get to race in for Team Argentina!

The Argentine flag, not to be confused with the Tom’s box, though the two are related.

Good luck Caro!

The Nor-Cal Queen of Hearts!

To donate to Caro’s 2015 Cyclocross World Championship Campaign, visit her GoFundMe webpage here:




PS, I’ll just leave this here….


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