Boggs – Around again

This last weekend was the well attended Boggs.  It was year six for Ms. Baller (seven if you include that time when it was a 8/24 hour race).  I braved the Open Singlespeed division as a soloist.  I started out a little too fast but for the most part I had a hard time figuring out how hard I should go when going for 8 hours and I had a hard time not slaying it.  My strategy was to not stop unless fueling and be first lady on a singlespeed at any cost.  Luckily, both were doable with the latter being a guarantee. After a few laps I had settled into my rhythm. I went back to get a few gels and noticed that some sort of ravenous beast got into my supply and took all of the ones I consider tasty.  It was weird because I’ve barely ever seen an animal up at Boggs with exception of the pig that Team Zeitgeist roasted.  Nonetheless, I carried on with a bunch of GU brand electrolyte drink instead.  After lap 4, I was spent.  I trudged along to get another lap in and towards the end I ran into Alex.  He told me that even though he never eats gels, he decided to try a few that day and enjoyed them.  The beast was found.  At that point, it was downhill to the end and he gave me a second wind to finish the lap (rage rather).  I decided to try to drop him since, well, he ate my gels, he was only on lap three (me five), and I was wearing a pink bubble skinsuit that made me feel like anything was possible.  It worked.  He told me I dropped him twice but there were two little bumps where he could catch back on.  It helped me forget the damage the beast had done.
In the end, I managed 5 laps and ranked 7th of 25 or so and the only lady in that category.  Once we get more ladies racing singlespeeds, they’ll hopefully start having a category for us (yes, I’m looking at you ladies!).  If I had an easier gear, I think I could have got in another lap since I had just about enough time with the 5 pm cutoff but had been grinding all day up the climbs that I had to walk sooner than I wanted.  What went really great was Sunday’s breakfast.  Alex made me some eggs with avocado and salsa around 8 or 9.  When I finished that, I was still hungry so I ate a giant apple.  I was still hungry after that so I had some of his granola and milk.  At 10:30, I felt hungry again.  We both made sandwiches and ate lunch at 10:45.  Boggs rules.
Ms. Baller
 sc (73)
Courtesy of PD Rosso


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