Back Pain – OR – The Ultimate Taper, How I got ready for Cross Season 2015

Scientits here, Rad Scientits.  I had a lot going on this year, I changed jobs, moved houses, determined the proper mathematical calculation of front chainring teeth to boyfriend age among a list of other things.  Overall, life has been going pretty well. In June, there I was – lifting heavy boxes when I felt a little somethin’ somethin’ in my back – I’m still sort of young and fit so continue as though nothing has happened.  I went for a ride the next day on my bike which has a seat post that slips.  I’ll raise it about an inch once I finally notice that it slipped again.  Monday morning I wake up with screaming pain – I was pretty sure my back and leg were giving birth from a pregnancy I had not known about.  It sucked to say the least.  About 4 weeks later I can stand up straight again and about 3 more weeks I can ride a bike again.

Up until March I was regularly doing non bikey exercises with a solid core workout.  I lost track of it and am finally getting my routine back.  I forgot how much I was injuring myself before I incorporated this into my life and once I dropped it I got an unfortunate reminder.  Also, the wear and tear on my body from riding a single speed doesn’t help so proper bike fit is a must.  Helpful hint – The library has appropriate CDs & Freegal for a booty blasting twerkout (read – that’s where I got Nicki Minaj).

Thanks to Aaron Oakes from Wenzel Coaching, I have a plan to get back in shape and can look at that lost time as the ultimate taper/how I’m going to crush* at cross.  Already, I’ve done some solid rides including some QOMing in the hills. I’m 3.5 weeks into riding again and stoked.

Signing off,

Rad Scientits

*Crush here means coming in before DFL in the SS category





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