KYTR – Gnar for Neophytes

For this installment, we’re going for a beginner friendly route. This will also be the perfect wreckovery ride for Saturday Annadel & West Sac Cross racers. While the route is TBD, expect scenic fire roads, perhaps a touch of singletrack, and definitely an inevitable Tunnel Rd climb. I’m thinking a little about Tilden but I’m also thinking Redwood and I’m sort of also thinking Chabot. The options for easy shred are fruitful in the East Bay. Jortz ladias shall discuss, preride will be posted, and questions shall be answered.


As always, let’s meet at Cole Coffee in Oakland at 9:30 with an East Coast style start @ 10 am PST.

Sunday, Sept 13th.

Here are the estimated deets:
Length: 25 miles + 7 or – 5
Elevation gain: 2500 + 1000 or – 300
Pace: The ultimate in chill
Drop: None
Gender: Is a construct. But still, ladies only.


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