The Squawky Wheel Gets the Race.

Hey, that’s cool!!!!

In response to the blog post I penned last week about the Rock Lobster pre-season race, wherein I bitched about the Super Pro series not ever offering a women’s single speed category, Lo-HO-HO-and behold! What do thine eyes read but a comment section that topped out at seven posts long and an official twat from the team itself that this year: THERE WILL BE A SINGLE SPEED WOMENS CATEGORY IN THE SUPER PRO SERIES!


Now. I’m not going to take credit for this happening because, I’m sure I wasn’t the only person that often griped about this injustice. But I will be the first in line to officially stop griping about this and say, sincerely, “thank you, Murphy Mack, for coming one step closer to gender parity in your amateur sports series!!!!!!”

Truly, chapeau.

Now. What I will not do, is congratulate anyone for paying out women equally in a race series.

I expect that.

And when I doesn’t happen, I will talk about it. Because that’s how I roll. It’s nothing personal, you know. Just accountability. And sass, hella sass. Though I am sorry that it costs our dear Murph-dawg, money. I curious if there is someway that an equal payout doesn’t have to mean that a promoter finishes out in the red. Because, that sucks.


COME NOW READERS let it be known that Murphy Mack pays out his elite races equally across genders!

Which has me curious, when are the square wheeled trikes are gonna finally get their own cx-ey catergory?!?!!?….

Love always,

the Clam Jammer.

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