CX-EY Results: 2013/2014

*Podium placements have been bolded!


Wednesday the 18th. Cross Vegas.

14th. Sometimes Klassy

Saturday the 21st. Lagoon Valley, Vacaville: Sac CX.

2nd. Bangable / 4th. MILF-ProBoner

Sunday the 29th. Candlestick Park: Bay Area Super Prestige.

1st. Born Jortz / 2nd. Buckethead / 2nd lady/ 29th overall Stealin Yer Boyfrens (SingleSpeed B’s) / 5th. Bangable / 6th. Money Maker / 11th. Sometimes Classy / DNF. MILF-ProBoner

Saturday, the 5th. The San Jose Cougar: NorCal CX Series.

1st. Buckethead / 13th. Money Maker

Saturday, the 12th. The Lion of Fairfax: NorCal CX Series.

2nd. SometimesClassy-NASTYjortz / 9th. MILF-ProBoner

Sunday, the 13th. CX1 Aptos High School: Surf City Cyclo-X.

2nd. Buckethead / 6th. Money$Maker

Saturday, the 19th. Place to Play: Santa Rosa Cup.

7th. MILF-ProBoner

Sunday, the 20th. Candlestick Repechage: Bay Area Super Prestige.

1st. lady/31st overall – Stealin Yer Boyfrens (SS!) / 3rd. Sometimes Klassy-NASTYjortz / 9th. Money$Maker / 18th. Buckethead

Sunday the 27th. CX2 Aptos High School, Costume Race!!!: Surf City Cyclo-X.

1st. Buckethead / 5th. Money$Maker / 6th. SometimesKlassy

Sunday, the 3rd. Stafford Lake Wildcat: NorCal CX Series.

1st. Buckethead / 10th. Sometimes Klassy

Saturday, the 9th. Sierra Point Night Cross: Bay Area Super Prestige.

1st. Buckethead/ 10th Money$Maker/ 15th. Bangable/ 1st. Lady/5th Overall (SS!) Stealin Yer Boyfrens/ 23rd Ladies A Stealin Yer Boyfrens


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