Rahman Law Womens SF Ride Series

Hey There!

Team Jortz is super excited to announce a womens only ride around the City of San Francisco in three parts to provide a safe space for women who are bike-curious and want to start riding around the City but really want to go with a friend.
Hurrah! Team Jortz is your friend! We ‘ll roll around various regions of the City for an hour or so with you and break you into bike commuting, negotiating tricky intersections, conquering fears of the unknown and having tons of fun with other ladies on bikes!
We are happy to say that this is a place where you can ask any question you want, wear whatever you want, ride whatever you want and be whomever you want!
We ask that you have a front and rear light and wear a helmet please. And obey the rules of our shared roads.
Thursday November 21st
All rides will Start at 6:00PM and leave by 6:15pm! The pace will be easy to moderate. Women and girls of all ages are welcome! All bikes welcome! Positive, adventurous attitudes will be rewarded with high fives and good feelings!
We’ll leave from 369 Pine Street in the SF’s Financial District, where our very wonderful and oh-so-jortzy Sponsor, Shaana Rahman‘s office is located!

If you don’t know much about Shaana Rahman, we’ll tell you all about her and the great work she does for women and the cycling communtiy!

We look forward to seeing you and riding with you and liberate ourselves, together!

In Solidarity,

-Team Jortz

4 responses to “Rahman Law Womens SF Ride Series

  1. Thank you for hosting a fun ride last night. I had been waffling about riding to Candlestick Point for the races on Sunday, but I will see you there.


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