Emily Sportsman

Gold Digger

Summary: Deep, soulful lover of age group racing. Biggest sandbagger toeing the line in Master’s races. Will always take a beer handup on the bell lap, the lap before the bell lap, and often the lap before that too.  But make it good beer, please.
Background: Slightly above shitty high school athlete.  Mediocre swimmer at a D2 school back when they had a shitty athletic program. Quit swimming my last year of Uni and started mountain biking! Turns out my big glutes are useful and I met the man that would become my man a decade later. I am a former enduro mountain bike racer back when enduro meant long long days in the saddle. Cross came into my life after my daughter was born and time got precious.  Now I am a cross-vangelical. If I had to choose only 1 bike for the rest of my life, it would be my cross bike. I am not a shitty master’s racer but will probably make shitty open/elite racer in 2015 when my name will have to be changed to Pack Fodder.
Goals:  Race. Drink beer. Be totally cool and not pushy when my 2 year old doesn’t want to do the kids race.  Have the ovaries to cat up to As in 2015.


Not the slowest member of the slowest Pro/Elite Women’s team at the 2nd ever 24 Hours of Moab
Really really dark years with no bike
Turned 30. Bought a mountain bike. Dumped the boyfriend. Rode the mountain bike. Found myself.
8th place Women’s team BC Bike Race
1st place Women 21-34 Rio Bravo Rumble off-road biathlon (single speed)
2nd place, Co-ed Duo, 12 hours of Temecula (single speed)
9th place Co-ed Duo BC Bike Race
Won age group for local North Shore/Squamish marathon XC races
1st Open/Elite Women Capital Forest 100 mile mountain bike race
DNF approx 250 miles into the Colorado Trail Race (my proudest failure ever!)
Preggers. It was lousy. Had baby. Some babies steel their momma’s looks; my baby stole my power.
Did some age group mountain bike races. Didn’t win them all.
Started racing cyclocross!
1st Master’s Women for Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition Series
BC Cup winner Master’s Women Cyclocross
3rd place Master’s Women Canadian Nationals Cyclocross
Left Vancouver.Moved to Oakland. Bemoaned the loss of cyclocross as a winter sport.
Did a few CX races.
1st place sport women, Downieville XC
Dreadful, but not DFL, finish at Annadel long course XC


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