Vanessa Christie

Money Maker

Monkey Maker, makin the money!

Money Maker’s inaugural appearance on the SF race scene was met by a 3rd place finish at a 2011 women’s alleycat and a “this bike racing shit’s the jam”. Since then, this Toronto native gets rad on dirty trails, grassy/gravely bits and the road less travelled in the Bay area like her maple syrup supply depended on it. Her love of all things delicious and on 2 wheels, brought her to help develop Bread Srsly, a gluten-free bread bakery by bike.
Don’t be deceived by her “sawrry’s” and pleasant Canadian demeanor, Money Maker’s a real sassy pants that’ll have you wishing she weren’t so friendly off the course/deported.
3rd place Women C (BASP 2012 – Race #1)
2nd place Women C (Surf City CX 2011 – race #4)
3rd place Women C (Surf City CX 2011 – race #3)
Top 10 Women C (Bay Area Super Prestige 2011) races #1, 2, 4.
Shreder & communion taker (Soil Saloon – Easter 2011)
Cross dressin foo’ (DFL – Race #3 2012)
Rarrrr Alleycats
2nd place (Women & Trans #3 race 2011)
1st place woman (Quake City Rumble – Pussycat main race 2011)
3rd place woman overall (Quake City Rumble 2012)
Other bikey shenanigans:
Montecillo Century 2011
Bike campin’ adventures through San Luis Obispo & other NorCal gems
Bag slanger at Timbuk2
Says aboot, not about


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