Leah Ricci

Silent Killer: 30, Oakland

¡Cuidado! Silent Killer is sweet and docile, and also knows how to TEAR A MUTHAFUCKA UP on a bike. From the time her parents could strap skis on her feet up through college, she shredded the trails as a cross country skier. She won her state championship, earned three All-American honors at Junior Nationals, and beat almost all of the boys in the last race of her high school career. She was also afraid to ride bikes with skinny tires until her senior year of college… but that soon changed after she moved to the Bay Area, where she discovered that dirt is kinda like snow, and pretty much everyone who’s awesome rides a bike.

Things she dominates: mud, alley cats, climbing hills, chin-ups, bags of Cheetos puffs.

Proudest race moment: Winning Jortz’s own Bombshell Omnium and SF Shanghai alley cat with a bottle of wine in her back pocket (See exhibit A.)Add a little bit of body text

Results: She doesn’t keep track, or so she’d have you think.


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