Thia Bonadies

ThizzleThighs: Oakland, 31


Thia is hella more Oakland than you. Hella more Bay Area than you. Hella more about the A’s than you. Hella ghost-rode her whip before…

She fell in love with bikes in 2011 when her doctor said, ‘Yo, man! Your feets is hella eff’d! No more running for you – how bout a bike?!’ After an East Coast solo bike tour in 2012 she went on her first mountain bike ride in January, 2013 and quickly decided dirt was where her heart was. She got herself a custom built rigid MTB and has been hooked ever since. After an off-road tour and riding some of the Great Divide across the state of Montana, she added a cx bike to the mix.

She rode with Team Jortz in August, 2014 for the first time and quickly became all about that cx life. She started racing single speed in 2015.

PS, her bikes are hella more hotter than yours too.


– SuperPro CX series – Women’s C’s
– 5th place Women’s Single Speed (Surf City CX, 2015: Harbor High School)- 5th place Women’s Single Speed (Surf City CX 2015: Santa Cruz Fairgrounds)

– Off-road MTB tour from Whitefish, MT -> Missoula, MT
– Raced 1st CX Race & didn’t die!
– 3rd Place Women C (Surf City CX 2014)


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