Why Jortz?


Why do we wear jortz?

Jortz and sweaters. All season long people gave us the crazy eye as we lined up for race after race in our cut-offs and woolen sweaters. People asked us, incredulously, “are you really going to race in that?!”

Yes. I am going to race in these. And there’s a good chance me or one of my teammates will beat you. Because we don’t just show up to races to throw beer cans around and give booty-dollar hand-ups; we show up to race our legs off and be examples to other women that you don’t need to buy ALL OF THE GEAR in order to just participate. A simple “run what you brung” ethos is what we’re going for here. A harkening to the days when you were nine years old, you just got done with homework and ran outside hopped on your bike and rode around everywhere, anywhere. With or without your friends. Because that was your favorite thing to do, because it was so easy, because the second you hopped on your bikes, you embarked on a great adventure. Just you and your bike, maybe some friends too.

Obviously bike wear has gone through many iterations and refinements over the decades and we appreciate those. I love wearing chamois padded shorts and I know my labias love it even more! Having pockets on the back of my sweat wicking zip-up shirt is so handy and great! But it’s not the end all, nor be all of cycling. Thus, following in the path of outspoken minds we say, “get on your bike already, let’s ride!”

And what’s with the sweaters? ‘Cause wool is the best damn activewear fabric you could ever hope to own. Just ask our friends at Cedar Cycling and B.Spoke Tailor. They may be a bit biased but they sure know their shit!

Why do you wear jortz?

4 responses to “Why Jortz?

  1. I want to try cyclocross this year, mainly because I promised my husband if the cyclocross course they want to build in Guadalupe Park comes to fruition I promised I would race … so I better get prepared “just-in-case”. I live in San Jose, Ca and I wanted to know if you know of a group that I could train with that is near me…or I will have to go it alone.

    • HEYPAM!

      No need to go it alone, there are plenty of South Bay folks willing to show you the ropes. Tons of peeps near Santa Cruz and Monterey (which is farther South, I know) who are active in the crossing community. Holler at Julie Bates, she lives down yonder and most likely has mad connections for you. If you ever make it up here to the SF Bay Area, holler at us for a little rideski in them thar hills!
      -Team Jortz

  2. I’m curious about the rides. Can non-team members join the training rides? Also, would a Cross Check be ok to go at it?


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