Meet the Jortz


Photo by Ted Ketai

Team Jorts

It all started one fated day on a ladies only ride from San Francisco to Santa Cruz where three fineassB’s found themselves out in the wind together, pacelining 80 miles down the coast. While reveling in the post-ride glow with some oat sodas in hand, the idea was hatched to ride together more often and hell, even race this coming cross season together because, A.) we like each other, B.) we like to shredd, C.) we love dirt and D.) we think women only teams are the bees knees and the best way to get more women interested in a traditionally male dominated space. In our quest to revolutionize the SF Bay Area female/male ratio, we have decided to make a rad LADIES ONLY cross team on either side of the Bay Bridge.

Think you’re Team Jortz Material or just wanna go on a ride sometime, HOLLER AT A JORTZ!


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