Romany McNamara



So fast she pins her number on upside down.

MILF: Berkeley, 36


MILF started biking for reals a few years ago after she had a little one and then discovered dirt. Then learned how to shred.  She’s teaching the small one to shred too.  Rad.  In her previous life she was a rower, and won lots of shit and learned how to go hecka hard, then  go harder.



  • Won the Superpro CX series for Master’s Women (four races, won the last two of them, podium on the other two)
  • Second in the Bike Monkey CX series for Master’s Women (three races, second in all three)
  • Second place Super Prestige CX Coyote Point for Master’s Women


  • Created a small human being


  • 7th (age group) Master’s World CX Championships
  • 5th in Pro Women Solo category Boggs 8 Hour Mountain Bike Race


  • 3rd in Expert category Annadel XC MTB (long course)
  • 1st (age group, 4th overall) Tahoe City XTerra Duathlon
  • Won the Grasshopper series
  • 2nd Rally Cat (to Barb Howe, no shame in that!)
  • Mostly got her ass handed to her in the A’s (CX.  Okay, fine, mostly mid pack)


  • 1st Rally Cat
  • Did well in the B category at local CX races, usually podium somewhere.  Won the Bike Monkey series for the B’s.


  • Started racing CX, did great in the C’s, mid pack when moved up to the B’s mid-season

Ancient history:

  • Rowed on two US junior national teams (1996, 1997), came in fourth at the Junior World Championships in 1996, won four PAC-10 titles (1998-2001) for the University of Washington, and won the NCAA Division I National Championship in 2001.  And then was so done rowing.

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